‘We asked Faye to tighten up our copy to help our brand appeal to a more corporate market without losing our personal tone of voice. She delivered and then some, achieving the balance between professional and warm, and turning our whole website around in record time.’

Paul Turnbull, Co-founder of themanagerhub.com

‘Faye created a safe environment to let go of any anxieties about saying the wrong thing and to just go for it and have fun! I really enjoyed it.’ – Nicola, workshop participant. 

“I am so glad to have done the Spotlight workshop. Even though I had some stage experience in the past, those were in my first language and over a written script. I couldn’t imagine myself doing improvisation in English! Faye’s well designed workshop is targeting to open your mind with exercises and teaching effective use of body language on stage. I started to see the benefits in my professional life immediately; my comfortable stage presence was recognised by my colleagues at various events. I strongly recommend this workshop to everyone, especially those who need to present in front of an audience regularly. Also…it’s fun!!”

Alper Gocer, Investment Professional

“We often ask (our Beavers) what they enjoyed during the previous year and what activities and badges they enjoyed. The Creative Badge came up lots and lots and several mentioned when they had to imagine different planets. Good work Faye. Thank you.”

Beaver Scout Leader

“My Year 1 class thoroughly enjoyed the drama workshop on the topic ‘Hot and Cold Climates’. The children participated with enthusiasm and it provided them with an opportunity to express themselves through movement and drama. Even the quieter children came out of their shells. They all left the session with huge smiles, chatting excitedly about all they had done!”

Teacher, Prospect House School

“Your teaching style is a rare and powerful combination of strict enough to relay really impactful feedback, and kind and safe enough to build confidence, rather than make us feel self-conscious.  Your love of the craft absolutely shone through and made us all energised and inspired, so thank you so much for that.”

Julia, workshop participant

“Faye is not only a great human, but she’s the type of person you want around you when ‘taking a risk’ seems like the scariest thing in the world. She teaches, encourages and gives you the advice and skills needed to improve.”

Jess, Workshop participant

“We have been working with Faye as a copywriter and editor for our website content, brochures and flyers. Faye is fast, thorough and very reliable. If I send her a brochure to edit or write content for, I can be confident that she hasn’t missed anything and has written clear, concise and engaging copy. She has an eye for detail, is wonderfully creative and very professional. We would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Tiffany Schultz, Co-founder and Marketing Director, Courtyard Playhouse

Faye is reliable, flexible and hard working, always happy to help and discuss a brief in detail. She is never satisfied until the client is happy!’

Tabitha Beasley, Director, The Marketing Assistant

“I recently asked Faye to redraft a fairly long and unwieldy research document with a view to making it more reader friendly. In a very short time, Faye came back with a new document which was concise, focused and accessible. It was impressive how quickly she was able to rewrite the document, bringing out the most important points and eliminating repetitive facts as she has a clear understanding of how much information a reader wants or needs. It was also a pleasure to work with Faye and I look forward to working with her on other projects.”

Susan Whiddington, Director, Mousetrap Theatre Projects