ReadWriteShine is a service dedicated to telling stories.

Our core aim is to help you with your writing projects, whatever stage they are at.
But we believe there’s more to life than putting pen to paper.

In addition to straightforward copywriting services, we’ve built training programmes to help you produce your own copy,
and developed workshops to boost your presentation and communication skills.

We work in schools to encourage children and young people to develop their self confidence and storytelling skills.

Whether you’re a teacher, an entrepreneur, a small business or part of a team working for a larger company,
we offer dynamic advice and expertise tailored to your needs.

“We often ask (our Beavers) what they enjoyed during the previous year and what activities and badges they enjoyed. The Creative Badge came up lots and lots and several mentioned when they had to imagine different planets. Good work Faye. Thank you.”

Beaver Scout Leader

“I recently asked Faye to redraft a fairly long and unwieldy research document with a view to making it more reader friendly. In a very short time, Faye came back with a new document which was concise, focused and accessible. It was impressive how quickly she was able to rewrite the document, bringing out the most important points and eliminating repetitive facts as she has a clear understanding of how much information a reader wants or needs. It was also a pleasure to work with Faye and I look forward to working with her on other projects.”

Susan Whiddington, Director, Mousetrap Theatre Projects